Pluton AI


Pluton AI is a software platform that allows companies to access all their knowledge in a single app.

Our natural language processing AI processes all your company's documents — technical or marketing reports, spreadsheets, emails, slide presentations — to build your company's knowledge graph, in a secure way down to every little bit of information.

Every knowledge worker knows the feeling: search is not enough when you're in uncharted territories.

Pluton AI proactively shows you relevant information to set you on the right track.

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Pluton AI combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms and technologies in fields like natural language processing, and large-scale graph analysis.

The code we write is secure, reliable and fast: we rely on the latest advances of theoretical computer science and programming language research to offer our customers the best software.


Our team brings the Pluton AI vision to life from a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge, technical know-how and years of operational experience in the Defense & Aerospace industry.

Pierre Chiche
Marc Lelarge